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Effective October 26th all current active subscribers for the 2012 BC Codes have been moved to the BC Publications platform.
Effective November 15th all current active subscribers to the 2014 Vancouver Bylaws have been moved to the BC Publications platform.

Details have been communicated via email to all subscription contacts, if you have not received this information please contact your organization's subscription administrator. If you require any further assistance please contact our customer service desk at 1 800-663-6105.
Erratas, Revisions & Bulletins


Revisions — BC Building Code

Replacement and Revision Packages - BC Building and Plumbing Code (For PRINT binder users)

BC Building Code

BC Plumbing

Revisions — BC Fire Code


Revisions, Errata and Bulletins — Vancouver By-laws

Revision Packages - Vancouver By-laws 2014 (For PRINT binder users)

Revisions and Errata - National Construction Codes