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Effective October 26th all current active subscribers for the 2012 BC Codes have been moved to the BC Publications platform.
Effective November 15th all current active subscribers to the 2014 Vancouver Bylaws have been moved to the BC Publications platform.

Details have been communicated via email to all subscription contacts, if you have not received this information please contact your organization's subscription administrator. If you require any further assistance please contact our customer service desk at 1 800-663-6105.
BC Building code 2012

The BC Building Code applies to the construction of buildings; including extensions, substantial alterations, buildings undergoing a change for occupancy, “green” building specifications, and upgrading of buildings to remove an unacceptable hazard. It applies the core concepts of the National Building Code, combined with elements specific to BC’s unique needs.

This online version has the following features:

  • Updated Automatically - includes updates for the duration of the 2012 Code.
  • Easy to use, award-winning search engine
  • Ability to narrow your search to a specific part of the Code
  • Hyperlinks to *Intent Statements
  • Hyperlinks to related current BC Statutes and Regulations
  • Access to view the previous 2006 BC Codes
  • Ability to view historical changes from within the current code
*Intent Statements is a feature that will enhance your understanding of the Codes. The supplementary information they provide assists in the interpretation of the technical requirements. Due to the volume of Intent Statements, these are only available with the online products.

Historical Changes is a new feature which allows the user to view all historical changes over the lifespan of the codes starting in 2012, including changes from the 2010 National Codes.